Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Planning a visit to experience Los Angeles Zoo? The Los Angeles Zoo is home to 1,100 animals from all over the world. It is a wondrous and captivating place for young and old alike. It's a bummer not many people know about this place unless they've been to the LA Zoo. I highly recommend you come visit the zoo and enjoy.If snakes and lizards are your bag, you're in luck, the LA Zoo is opening a new home for reptiles and their scaly ilk. The City of Los Angeles owns The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. located in Los Angeles Griffith Park, The Zoo is interesting and educative. It's an animal that you might encounter in the L.A. Zoo, assembled from pages of the printed word, which is a very old symbol for learning and education, an awesome zoo that is perfect for an all day trip. Visitors may park at the L.A. Zoo parking lot. Parking will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Walkers are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and casual dress.

get Visitor guide to the Los Angeles Zoo includes location, what's there and tips for making the most of your visit. lazoo lazoo lazoo

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